A number of new products are already waiting for release in 6mm, 15mm and 25mm. I am planning occasional limited editions. these will be models which have been made by Old Crow, but will not become part of the regular ranges. They will be available only until the moulds wear out!  
28mm Lancer assault gun
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There are some major changes afoot here at Old Crow! II am starting work on a major feature film. This will occupy me fairly fully for the rest of this year, and possibly the first few months of 2013. During this time it will be impossible to support the entire Old Crow range, so I have decided to concentrate on new and updated products. The website will be built up from scratch, with new updates appearing every week or so, each featuring a small selection of new releases and occasional limited edition models. The website will not have an e-commerce function, but all releases will be priced, and customers are invited to send email requests for models. If any existing customers need models from the main Old Crow range, or anyone has been nursing a ‘wants’ list, please feel free to drop me an email request as well. Send your emails to sales@oldcrowmodels.co.uk and I will send confirmation of prices for the goods and shipping, and payment can be arranged by Paypal. Please note that email responses may take a few days, and delivery times may be very long. I will not have much time available for casting stock!
28mm Crow VTOL Lander 28mm and 6mm Slammers Blower tank 15mm Crow Lander 6mm scenery Important News!
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